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The perfect oven for your business

If you need to bake in your business, ABI Bakery provides you the perfect solution to get results with the best quality and afficiency.

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FIMAK Roven FD100 E


Rotating, of fireproof stone, cyclothermic, electric, with gas...

We have them all

Professional ovens adapted to your production necessities, the characteristics of your products and your business priorities.
Horno para pizzas eléctrico MONDO


The perfect pizza needs to be baked in the perfect oven.

The most important ingredient

Not all the ovens get the best result for your pizzas. The FIMAK ovens for pizza are a safe bet.
Horno de convección Rokon SMALL CLASIC


The perfect finishing touch for your recipies. Your customers will appreciate it.

They fit perfectly

Versatile ovens capable to adapt its size and functionalities to the requirements of your gastronomy business.

Equipment for Bakery and Pastry

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Our products range

1. Ovens

The most advanced technology in industrial ovens for bakery, pastry and pizzas. Energetic efficiency and high productivity.

2. Kneading machine

Our kneading machines can process more dough in less time, preserving the quality of the dough and getting a uniform result.

3. Production lines

High productivity in a limited space. The planning lines automate the process to guarantee always the same quality.

4. Equipment for the bakery

Climate control unities, fermentation cameras, flour classifying, water dispensers, bread cutters…

5. Gastronomy

Convection ovens to roast food and pizza ovens to modulate at different sizes, electric and with gas.

  • Host Milano 2019

ABI Bakery en Host Milano 2019

Host, el Salón Internacional de la Hostelería y la Restauración Profesional, recoge las ultimas novedades en herramientas, servicios, productos y tecnologías innovadoras y las distribuye en las siguientes áreas temáticas: Restauración Profesional, Bar, Café, Máquinas de Café, Heladería, Repostería, Pan, [...]

  • Corporative video FIMAK

FIMAK revoluciona el sector

FIMAK ha llegado a España y lo ha hecho para quedarse. Es la marca de maquinaria para panadería y pastelería de la que todo el mundo habla, pues su propuesta de calidad y precio no deja a nadie indiferente. [...]

Virtual Visit 360º

Visit comfortably the 26.500m2 of our international production center.

Luis Montes

“What our customers appreciate the most is the high qualification of our staff, as well as our Technical Service. Before making the installations, we design and study your bakery and analyse the impacts in the production area with the objective of guarantee a successful production. That is how we achieve our main objective: satisfied clients that can produce with profitability and a low energetic cost.”

Luis Montes, ABI Bakery General Director.
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